NJ SEO (New Jersey Search Engine Optimization Company)


Rank Higher in Google and Get More Organic Business Leads

 Step 1) – Tell Us About Yourself and Your Business

The first step to any relationship, professional or personal is communication. We want to learn more about yourself, your business, your target market(s) and goals. This way we can create a plan of attack together and begin to execute.

Step 2) Website Audit (Is your website optimized for the search engines?)

The second step is to perform a technical analysis of your website. Many websites are visually appealing and convert traffic, but they aren’t optimized for the search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing “see” your website differently than humans. We will go through each page and ensure you are reaching your targeted keywords correctly.

Step 3) User Experience Landing Pages (Can your target market find you?)

If you are a dentist and sell dentures, braces, teeth-whitening, etc, you would need to create a unique experience landing page around each of these major subcategories. It’s not enough to assume Google will understand what services you provide. We must explicitly tell the search engines what you provide, and that’s done by creating user experiences based around each set and sub-set of categories you provide.

Step 4) Promotion! You have to beat out the competition

Now we are 100% perfectly optimized for the search engines but chances are you aren’t the only “YOUR INDUSTRY” in town, so how does Google determine who to rank on page 1? It’s based on over 250 algorithmic data points, but to simplify things, it’s based largely onpopularity and relevancy. NJ SEO mission will be to ensure Google sees just how great of a business you are and deserve to rank on page 1 of its search engine.

Step 5) Business Growth and Exclusive Leads Every Month

SEO is one of the best returns on investment available. It gives high quality traffic, which often turns into exclusive leads and prospects. These are leads you are taking away from the competition (currently they are getting these leads and you aren’t). NJ SEO will keep you ranking well in the search engines every month. The monthly dollars spent on seach engine optimization will be far less than the money gained. This is what makes partnering with a New Jersey based Search Engine Optimization company an investment, and NOT an expense.

Why Choose NJ SEO as your New Jersey Search Engine Optimization Firm?

No Long Term Contracts  NJ SEO wants a mutually beneficial relationship. If you don’t rank, or get any new business from our efforts, we do not want your business. Please cancel and move on, however we love what we do and will put our complete weight behind your success, because your success is our success, literally or we lose your business, and we don’t want to lose business.

Happy Clients – NJ SEO has dozens of happy clients and testimonials. The company is also backed by a wholesale SEO company under

Matthew Anton

visit this website more information: http://njseo.us/


NJ SEO (New Jersey Search Engine Optimization Company)

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